Accounting Should Go Beyond Bookkeeping

If your business has grown to reach a certain point in customer volume, you realize how very important your “bookkeeper” is for record keeping and maintaining your billing and collections as well as expense records. Keeping all your receivable and payable accounts “current” improves cash flow and therefore profits. Practically any high school student with… Read More »

Navigating the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

It’s our favorite time of the year, tax time! So say us busy accountants around the country, at least those of us who enjoy being busy – very busy! The end of 2017 brought about some comprehensive and very interesting changes to our federal tax laws which significantly affect just about every American who works and… Read More »

Take Your Breaks!

6 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill Oftentimes, people will forego potentially valuable tax breaks because they would rather pay a little more than risk mistakes resulting in penalties from the IRS. Some may feel the tax code to be too complicated and would rather file their taxes expeditiously and avoid going for… Read More »